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Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 15 23:23:35 EDT 2011

Hi Again,

I ran the test and found that the culprit is the "2" key, as I suspected.  I have no qualms about dis-assembly and messing with the keyboard (done it before... remember my wiki article on Keyboard Field Repairs? < http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Keyboard_field_repairs > ). I left all my tiny screwdrivers in CA so I may have to take the machine with me... maybe Ed (my husband) has some small ones here I can borrow. I would prefer to return it to the CP here in MT in working condition before I head back to SoCal.

When I ran the test, it indicated another problem... something about "5 Bad blocks in NAND flash"  or something like that, it flew by really fast).  Is this something that I need to worry about?  Will it cause problems?

I'll try the fixes referred to in the wiki article and the links there.  They are all pretty old. Does anyone have anything new to add?

If this doesn't work, I'll take it home and, maybe let the kids in one of the other CP projects I work with fix it. They are just getting started on that sort of stuff.  < http://famliolpcsocalaudubonms.wordpress.com/ >

Thanks for all the help.  This is part of what makes volunteering with OLPC and Sugar Labs so much fun!


> Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 10:42:13 -0400
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> On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 3:32 AM, John Watlington wrote:
> > On Sep 15, 2011, at 2:58 AM, Kevin Mark wrote:
> >
> >> This brings to mind the wiki page for 'sticky keys'. my xo-1 and 
> >> other xo-1s
> >> has this keybaord that had keyboard issue like you described. 
> >> Sometimes
> >> messaging the keys works, sometimes playing with the membrane, or 
> >> other ideas
> >> on the wiki page and of couse replacement.  if you attached a USB 
> >> keyboard,
> >> could that override the internal to access OFW?
> >
> > I don't believe so.   The damaged keyboard would continue to
> > insert keypress events into the input stream.
> >
> >> the OFW keyboard testa (test /keyboard?) would show the issue if you 
> >> could get
> >> to it I'm guessing.
> >
> > You should be able to enter hardware self-test by holding down the
> > "check" key (to the far right of the display).   It eventually gets 
> > around
> > to testing the keyboard.    Early versions of OFW may not support 
> > this.
> Use the hardware tests --- hold down left rocker on power on.  This is 
> OFW function and not linux.
> The keyboard test that runs at the end will show stuck keys.  Try each 
> key to see if you can catch it.
> Most often it is one of the keys near a corner, especially the lower 
> left corner.  Stuck or intermittent alt or ctrl gives strange results. 
> Glue is used on the areas between the keys and sometimes it gets in the 
> key area. The lower left is probably a start or stop point for gluing. 
> The corners can be accessed from the rear of the keyboard and the key 
> area swabbed with a q-tip moistened with rubbing alcohol (70 % isopropyl 
> alcohol) to remove the glue, but this does leave the surrounding areas 
> unglued, which generally does not cause a problem.  This is NOT 
> recommend for someone not comfortable with disassembly.
> Nate
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