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/Raffael of Sugar Labs DE sent me the report for his team, so I'm 
forwarding it for everyone to see./
Raffael de Sugar Labs Alemania me envió el reporte para su equipo, lo 
reenvío para todos ver.


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Asunto: 	Re: [IAEP] [Local Labs] Local Labs updates
Fecha: 	Mon, 5 Sep 2011 08:49:21 +0200
De: 	Raffael Reichelt <raffael.reichelt at googlemail.com>
A: 	Sebastian Silva <sebastian at somosazucar.org>

Dear Sebastian!

I am very pleased to be on this list and gladly provide you with my 
report. The meeting will be on irc? I will try to attend. Just to be 
sure can you send me the meeting details?


    Name of team: sugarlabs germany

    Mission statement: To propagate sugar in Germany as an free and open
    source alternative to the commercial dominated market for learning
    software and content. Enable children to find a new  (and
    secured) approach to computers, software and the internet.

    Short Term Goals(three–six months):
    1. Open the first pilot "sugarlab learning studio" in Berlin, Germany
    2. Set up a mobile sugar learning studio environment, called mobile
    lab. To enable schools missing the needed infrastructure to take a
    look (and try) on sugar and schoolserver.
    3. Provide an open and free internet whitelist, called sweetproxy.
    Will be a web service on sugarlabs.de <http://sugarlabs.de>

    Medium Term Goals(6 months–one year):
    1. Make sugarlabs Germany a reliable and lasting institution
    2. Prove of concept for "sugarlabs learning studios", acceptance and
    3. Set up cooperation with Universities
    4. Set up cooperation with state government and administration

    Long Term Goals(one year–three years):
    1. Open up at least one more "sugarlab learning studio" in Berlin.
    2. Set up  a non-profit-based, kind of franchise concept for other
    cities. Might turn out as a general roll-out-concept for 1st world
    sugar usage.

    What does the team see as its constraints from being more successful
    in its Mission? What are you doing to try to resolve the constraint?
    What can Sugar Labs 'central' or the community do to help?

    The biggest constraint at the moment is the lack of "popularity". If
    I am talking to schools or other children institutions, they simply
    do not know anything about sugar - still much marketing needed. At
    the moment I am trying hard to broaden the information on sugar and
    get people interested - if I get the chance to talk they really are.
    I am definitely following my proposed studio concept, but would love
    to do it under the aegis of sugarlabs. Some kind of "go for it!"
    from Sugar Labs 'central' would be really helpful here. The - sadly
    enough missed - opportunity to present sugar and OLPC at IFA 2011
    for example needs some kind of international reference to be of
    interest for the organizers - maybe we can try next time.

2011/9/2 Sebastian Silva <sebastian at somosazucar.org 
<mailto:sebastian at somosazucar.org>>

    /* inglés abajo - english below */
    Estimados colaboradores de Laboratorios Locales:
    En la última reunión de la Junta, conversamos sobre la necesidad de
    actualizar el estatus de los varios equipos y laboratorios locales.
    Estoy copiando a algunos representantes de los laboratorios locales,
    para que compartan con sus grupos.
    Nos gustaría que cada Local Lab hiciera un breve reporte grupal, por
    correo electrónico, para el 9 de Septiembre y trataran de estar
    presentes en la reunión del 16 de Septiembre.
    Walter adjuntó un formato ejemplo que podemos usar para el reporte.
    Escribo a IAEP porque acordamos usarlo como mecanismo de comunicación.
    Pienso que podríamos aprovechar la oportunidad para comunicarnos y
    afinar estrategias conjuntas.
    Dear collaborators of Local Labs:
    In the last board meeting, we talked about the need to update the
    status of the various teams and local labs. I'm ccing some
    representatives of local labs I know of, to share with their groups.
    We'd like each Local Labs to do a brief report, by email, by Sept
    9th, and try to be present at the meeting of September 16th.
    Walter attached a form that can be used for reference for the update.
    I write to IAEP because this is the way agreed to communicate.
    I think we can use the opportunity to communicate and tune joint


    El 26/08/11 18:20, Walter Bender escribió:

        At the last Sugar Labs oversight board meeting [1], we discussed the
        need to update the status of the various teams and local labs.
        You are
        receiving this email because you are currently listed as a team
        coordinator on the wiki [2]. We would like each of you to make a
        report on your team by email to the iaep list by 9 September
          and plan
        to attend the next scheduled SLOBs meeting, 16 September. Below
        [3] is
        an outline prepared by John Tierney that may serve to guide you in
        preparing your report.

        I am aware that some of you are no longer active in your roles. In
        those cases, could you please send me some names of possible
        replacements as team coordinators. Also, in some cases, the teams
        themselves are perhaps obsolete. This will be one of the discussion
        topics on the 16th.

        Note that Sebastian Silva will be contacting the local labs on
        of the oversight board.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.



        Walter Bender
        Sugar Labs


        [2]: Team coordinators
             Wade Brainerd
             Gary C Martin
        Bug Squad
             Simon Schampijer
             Pilar Saenz
             Walter Bender
             Eben Eliason
             Christian Marc Schmidt
             David Farning
             Walter Bender
             Bernie Innocenti
             Sean Daly
        Oversight Board
             Walter Bender
        Platform Team
             Aleksey Lim
             Chris Leonard
             Rafael Ortiz
             Frederick Grose

        [3]: Report outline (optional)

        Sugar Teams Update Report

        Name of team:

        Mission statement:

        Short Term Goals(three–six months):

        Medium Term Goals(6 months–one year):

        Long Term Goals(one year–three years):

        What does the team see as its constraints from being more successful
        in its Mission? What are you doing to try to resolve the constraint?
        What can Sugar Labs 'central' or the community do to help?
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