[IAEP] Wiki page is online for OLPC-SF 2011 Summit

Cherry Withers cwithers at ekindling.org
Sun Sep 4 02:16:46 EDT 2011

Just passing this on..
Registration will soon follow.

Hope to see you there!


Wiki page for this year is up at
Add your information and we'll push these out to olpcsf.org.

We also have a page up on Facebook where we have 28 "Attending" so
far. These are:

Sameer Verma
Dawn-Elissa Fischer
Yoshiki Ohshima
Alex Kleider
Caran Colvin
Cherry Withers
Srikanth Danapal
Danese Cooper
Tilila El Moujahid
Nina Stawski
Ryan Singer
Jay Ly
Ben Tran
Caryl Bigenho
Craig Perue
Mary Lou Jepsen
Tanya Kleider
Nancy Hayes
Larry Cafiero
Bruce Baikie
Henry Villar
Alolita Sharma
Lutfus Sayeed
June Kleider
Salim Amin
Zaheda Bhorat
Musa Aziz
Uni Erfurt
Abdul Saleem Achakzai

We also have 11 "Maybe attending". These are:
   Utkarsh Verma
   Luis Murillo
   William Stelzer
   Joachim Pedersen
   Aaron Anderson
   Matt Vieyra
   David Van Assche
   Jeff Bragg
   Alexander Mock
   Aaron Anderson
   Jerome Gotangco

(Yes, Aaron Anderson, our Director of Graduate Programs will maybe
attending twice - once in official capacity and once in personal :-))

More updates coming soon. Book them tickets!!!

Dr. Sameer Verma, Ph.D.
Professor, Information Systems
San Francisco State University

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