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Hi Folks,

I spent most of yesterday hunting up Tam Tam Resources for the IT teacher at a rural K8 school here in Montana.  They just received 10 XO-1s from a stalled Contributors Program project at MSU.  She is very excited about using them, especially Tam Tam, since they lost the funding for elementary music this year.  She is hoping the elementary teachers will be able to teach their own music, some of it using TamTam Mini and TamTam Jam.  The middle school science teacher will also be using them for experiments and the like in his 6-8 grade science (and math?) classes. We will be starting a blog for their project and, hopefully they will share their discoveries, lessons, etc. freely on the blog.

I would like to share the list of resources with you.  You will find them at the lower part of this email.


P.S. I am also attaching a prototype song sheet for Row, Row, Row Your Boat. I would like to make a collection of these for the teachers to use and will, of course, share freely if they work.  It is a little different from the ones the teacher in Peru is using in his workshop (in the Resources below).  I have tried to find a simple way to convey the rhythm in addition to the pitch.  If you have an XO handy, could you try it to see if it makes sense to you.  Feedback from both musicians and non-musicians would be appreciated.  I want to know if this is going to work before I convert more songs to "XO notation."  Thanks!



        Tam Tam Resources


        Instruction Manuals

        Excellent and up-to-date Tam Tam Resources from Peru... in
        Spanish, but you should still find them very helpful. For parts
        that are not clear, you can cut and paste them into Google


        Tam Tam Mini:



        Tam Tam Edit:




            About Tam Tam Jam




        (Selecting an instrument/sound)


          http://wiki.laptop.org/go/File:Tamtamhelp4.png (Recording


        About Tam Tam Edit


        (How to use the interface)


          http://wiki.laptop.org/go/File:Tamtamhelp6.png (How to use
        the tools)


        About using the Music Generator


        (The music generator)


        (The properties editor)



        You Tube Videos


        Mini TamTam Demo  

        Made over 4 years ago when all of the TamTams were one
        application... but still useful.  You will open TamTam Mini from
        the icon in the ring in Home View rather than as he describes in
        the video. The items in the video that appear in the sidebar on
        the right, now appear on the left on the XO. For the drums...
        the start button is the arrow to the left of the dice, it
        changes into a square which is the stop button. Volume, reverb,
        and the ability to add your own sounds seem to have been taken
        out for TamTam Mini.  They will be in some of the more advanced
        TamTams. So, the part after 4:23 is no longer useful for
        learning to use TamTam Mini, but the part before that is good.




        A teacher workshop in Peru

        I notice the leader has given the teachers song sheets with the
        notes spelled out with the keyboard letters.  An interesting
        project could be to have students figure out some familiar songs
        and make similar song sheets to share with each other.





        From Thailand 

        Children experimenting with TamTam and playing together as a






        From Rwanda

        Children  dancing to music other children have created and are
        playing on their XO:




        From Uruguay

        A demo/training  video from "Canal Ceibal" in Uruguay showing
        how children might learn to compose and do musical
        improvisations on the XO.  The teachers and students go to a
        studio in Montevideo for the filming of these videos.   The
        white smocks for the children and the lab coats for the teachers
        are for real! It is a tradition for them to wear them that has
        been going on for a very long time.  We saw it when we visited 
        schools in Uruguay in May. They always dress that way, not just
        for special occasions!


        This one is long but very good.  The teacher and children are
        all speaking Spanish (of course!) but the lesson is excellent.
        They are learning to create songs and improvise on their XOs.
        They are from a "Music School." 




        BTW, This lesson fits very well with the Montana State Curriculum
        Standards for 4th Grade Music



        Simpler lessons could be done with younger children











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