[IAEP] Why is Scratch more popular than Etoys?

Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Fri Sep 2 22:04:17 EDT 2011

I have taught both Scratch and Etoys to kids and hands down most kids prefer
Scratch.  I also prefer Scratch for certain things, but prefer Etoys for
most learning and teaching.

What can we learn from Scratch (and TurtleArt et al) to improve Etoys?  And
vice versa what can be done to improve Scratch?
I have ideas, which I will share later, but I am curious to hear the
thoughts of others (as mine add nothing to my current understanding and
repeating them will simply further ingrain incomplete and incorrect
assumptions and prejudices ;)

P.S. I fully believe kids should learn multiple languages and am not looking
for the "one ring to rule them all."  Each language/environment has its
advantages and we need multiple.
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