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Sean Linton sean at lpnz.org
Thu Sep 1 23:48:42 EDT 2011

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From: Sean Linton <sean at lpnz.org>
Date: 2 September 2011 12:17
Subject: Re: [Sugar-devel] unique activities . . . for Oceania XO's, or
other regions.
To: Aleksey Lim <alsroot at activitycentral.org>

I have borrowed an XO for the week from Wayne MacIntosh who is someone local
to me, it is an older build (406.xx). I tried following the link
 in the browser to install this version of TamtamMini-60.xo

Now just seeing "about:blank"

Also tried inserting a USB flash with the file loaded, but am unable to see
a USB 'icon', or even a terminal activity icon to mount the disk.

I will persist over the week, and try to find anything written online and
can install a virtual machine on another computer if needs be.

How do I load an activity like* terminal* if it is not in the tray? I want
terminal. NB: this is an old Sugar. Potentially even prior to *journal*.



> Aleksey
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