[IAEP] Need To Know: How to get the latest Help Activity on Macs and PCs???

Valerie Taylor vtaylor at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 07:19:03 EDT 2011

Question - Wikis are designed for collaborative writing with history
and rollback. Would it be possible to have the "now-current" version
of the Help live in the Sugar Labs wiki where it can be worked on and

It always makes me nervous when people are working on a "single"
document that can have lots of copies floating around in the workers'
personal working space. In a wiki world, everyone see the current
version, who made changes and what they did. When it is time to
package the Help into the zip for release, that version of the wiki
document can be noted and included, in case it is necessary to go back
to the "release" version.

Are there other considerations that necessitate the process you describe?


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> Caryl
> To edit the Help Activity in Windows
> #download the help sugar bundle
> use this link - http://activities.sugarlabs.org//en-US/sugar/downloads/latest/4051/addon-4051-latest.xo
> #unpack the sugar bundle
> rename help-13.xo to help-13.zip
> open help-13.zip
> copy the directory Help.activity to somewhere else
> go to its help directory
> The images can be edited with Paint
> The htm files can be viewed in a browser
> The htm files are best edited with something like Frontpage but you can use Notepad or Wordpad if you like working with html
> Tony

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