[IAEP] [support-gang] Preparations for Friday's documentation session (was: Help Activity Refresh during summit?)

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Hi All,
We will be working in Bolinas today for 4-6 hours getting this figured out and, maybe, getting started on stuff. Some things we need to decide today is exactly how big this project will be on this initial go-round, who, exactly, will be our target audience, how to deal with the different hardware configurations, etc., etc., etc.  I expect a lively discussion.  If are able to add people to the mix via Skype, we will need to know your Skype names and will email the time for you. We may decide to start fairly small and expand later, just to get it done and usable now. The update is really needed.
We'll let you know asap what is happening.  We will meet in about an hour and a half (10 am PDT).
P.S. Rita, you need to link up with Cherry Withers on the Etoys section.  It has already been set up but has no defined chapters at this time.
P.P.S. The file isn't exactly on Booki. Adam Hyde has a special FLOSS manual site using the Booki software.  You will need to go there to register and sign in to edit. Here is a link to instructions for doing that: http://bit.ly/qPaoDu  

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I also would be glad to write and contribute to some chapters during the weekend.  I will be available to work on Sunday most probably
Sandra Thaxter
sandra at smallsolutionsbigideas.org
(617) 320-1098

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Frederick Grosse and Christoph Derndorfer have been discussing the screenshots over on the Support Gang mailing list.  One of them already has some from the latest update that we may be able to use.  

Will you be traveling to San Francisco this weekend?

I will keep track of the support gang mailing list archive then. 
Travelling out of Uruguay is completely out of my budget but I can be online anywhere this weekend.

If you look the booki I added a chapter called "image gallery".
We can write the ideas for the pictures on that chapter, upload the pictures to that chapter --just to choose them--,  insert after the images on the corresponding chapters, and delete the "image gallery" at the end. 

Feel free to ask me what you need me to do or when you want me to be online.

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