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/>On 11/10/2011 09:38 p.m., Walter Bender wrote:
 > .. The only activity shipped with Sugar is a very old version of Turtle Art./

Plan Ceibal installed that Sugar 0.87.1, (on Ubuntu 10.04.3) because they didn't Know that TurtleArt Runs on 
Ubunto+Gnome, they think that running Turtle Art under Sugar is the only Way to install it.

It is not my opinion, is what Plan Ceibal said on the official courseware to High school teachers.

They teach that to the Professors that uses the Magellan 
<http://rapceibal.ning.com/forum/topics/laptops-para-educacion-media>. (that the reason to install Sugar was to run 
Turtle Art on Ubuntu)

I Think they want Turtle Art and Etoys to run on a near future with the Lego robots that They already bought.

They also installed under Gnome: Etoys, Geogebra, Tuxpaint, Mathgraph, Python Interpreter, Scratch, OpenOffice, Blender, 
Pitivi, etc.

On the Sugar that is installed on Magellan LAptops 
<http://rapceibal.ning.com/forum/topics/laptops-para-educacion-media>there are many activities that don't Run at all (I 
don't know why).  Y tried to install many activities  and there are a few that runs.  "BRowse" don't Run, for example, 
(I installed it with a pendrive).  Turtle Art (the new one) runs OK, Write also, terminal, and the "software update" on 
the control panel.


In some High School and technical svhools they have The MAgellan both TEachers and Children , but only in the 
departmente of "Canelones" (500,000 inhabitants).

On the rest of Uruguayan High schools and technical Schools the Children have XO 1.5 (Sugar+Gnome) and  the teachers 
have the MAgellan (Ubuntu+Gnome+Handicapped Sugar)

Teachers have a 160 Gb Magellan, and children an 8 Gb SSD Magellan


Sorry for my English, I Hope it is almost understandable for you.

Paolo Benini

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