[IAEP] Worker Bees Wanted For XO Manual Refresh!

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 9 23:55:40 EDT 2011

Here is a great opportunity for you to get involved in an important OLPC/Sugar Labs project! A new revised version of the XO Users Manual and Help Activity is coming, and we need your help.  The XO Users Manual originated with a book sprint in Austin TX in summer 2008 and has had many additions and revisions since then. Now we will be making a new revision, complete with some new chapters, updated information about hardware and software, and new images to match current software releases. There are 2 easy ways to get involved.
1) Participate in person at the OLPC-SF Summit
There will be a mini book-sprint on Friday October 21 in conjunction with the OLPCSF Summit.  We will be working at the Kleider home in Bolinas from 10AM to 4PM.  Currently there are 6 people signed up to work on that day. We have been told that book sprints work best with 6-10 people, so we have room for up to 4 more. 

We especially need people who love to write, are familiar with the XOs and Sugar, and can concentrate on the task at hand even when all sorts of other fun things may be going on to distract you. If you would like to join our little working group that day, please add your name to the list at:


2) Participate remotely wherever you are, before and after the SF SummitWe also will be doing a lot of work, both before and after the SF Summit, remotely, online.  If you are unable to attend or participate on the 21st, we will still need a lot of help completing this important revision of the XO Users Manual. We would love to have you join us! We will be using an online book writing tool and communicating online to collaborate.

Everyone who plans to participate, either in person or remotely can learn more about it and should sign up by following the instructions here:


If you have any questions about participating in this project, just ask in a reply to this email!  

And.....if, by chance, you find yourself with the weekend of October 21 to 23 free and would like to join us in San Francisco, there is still time to sign up!
You can get more info here: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_SanFranciscoBayArea/OLPCSF_Community_Summit_2011
And you can register here: http://olpcsf2011.eventbrite.com/?ref=ebtn
Hope to see you there or online...

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