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This email was sent way back on Sept 17.  I have no idea why it suddenly reappeared.  I am bringing the XO in question to the SF summit where Kevin Gordon will help fix it. Anyone  at the SF Summit who wants to watch the process is welcome! We may try to do it Friday evening at the get-together.

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Subject: [IAEP] Oops! RE: [support-gang]  Bigger Problem!

Hi Guys (and Gals)...
How embarrassing! I finally got all the info, tools, and materials I needed to try to fix the stuck "2" key, and then I had a little "accident" that created an even worse problem. I hope it isn't fatal.
I was having some difficulty detaching the cable that connects the computer to the keyboard (I have some residual numbness in my fingers from previous carpel tunnel problems). So I took a regular pair of pliers and gently gripped the male (?) part (this sounds bad), planning to gently pull it out of the socket.  It immediately shattered!  A small amount remains (not in the socket) and all of the wires are in place (see photo).  
I have temporarily put a very thin strip of electrical tape on it to keep the wires in place (see photo). However, it definitely will not stand up to much plugging and unplugging if needed to complete the repairs.
I am thinking the best option might be to repair it in a manner similar to "fly tying: wrap it neatly with very thin, strong thread and cover it with a thin coat of clear nail polish.
What other ideas might some of you have?  Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?  Is it possible to replace the connector or the cable? If so, where could I get the needed parts?
For now I have carefully labeled the parts in the order they were removed and the screws are in little baggies, also numbered in the order they were removed. Everything is safe in a closed box where they won't collect dust or suffer further damage. 
This XO-1 is one that belongs to a new CP project I mentor in rural Montana.  It probably has not been used much, if at all and may have had the problem (a stuck "2" key) since it was manufactured. I have added its serial number to the list on the wiki of machines with stuck keys.
Any and all suggestions will be welcome. Thanks!


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