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OLPC SF 2011 Community Summit - Poster contest  Submit your posters!

The project poster contest is a new feature of the 2011 OLPC SF Community

The posters are a simple size of 13" X 19", and completing the poster would
be an excellent way to share your project and where help is needed. Your
poster can win a nice prize and certificates will also be awarded.

Simply submit your project poster electronically before the summit and we
will have them professionally printed and mounted on foam board. You are
welcome to keep your mounted poster after the event.

Submitted posters will displayed in the hallway during the summit and when
people are networking outside the conference rooms and during breaks, they
can read about your project, your challenges, successes, and where you could
use help. Your poster can cover your whole project or one specific area like
content, training, infrastructure (power, connectivity, etc), and school

Winners will be announced during the Sunday luncheon period.


   - Posters will be 13” x 19” inches in size.
   - Only 1 entry per project.
   - All artwork and lettering must be original. Copyrighted images are not
   - Entries must be submitted electronically in by 9:00 AM Wednesday
   morning Pacific Time, October 19th, 2011. Submit entries to:
   poster-submission at green-wifi.org<poster-submission at green-wifi.org?subject=Poster%20Submission>
   - Posters will be also posted to the OLPC SF website during the summit.

We recommend you use PowerPoint, OpenOffice, or even better an open source
tool like inkscape. (http://inkscape.org/download/)

Helpful sites on making a poster:

   - http://openwetware.org/wiki/Making_scientific_posters
   - http://ipro.iit.edu/students/deliverables/poster
   - http://colinpurrington.com/tips/academic/posterdesign

If you need a template for inkscape or OpenOffice, email a request to
poster-submission at green-wifi.org<poster-submission at green-wifi.org?subject=template%20request>


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