[IAEP] Questions to SLOB candidates

Sebastian Silva sebastian at somosazucar.org
Mon Nov 21 16:59:10 EST 2011

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El 21/11/11 22:38, Laura Vargas escribió:
> Dear Sascha and community members,
> I have to confess that I ended up proposing my name
> for the Sugar Labs Oversight Board, when after reading
> the other candidacies, felt some frustration with the lack
> of proposals regarding the sustainability of the *Local Labs*
> that conform *Sugar Labs*.
> Here at Peru, we just wrapped up Sugar Camp Lima 2011
> with the *sweetest* results; for start we have articulated
> a great team, who will be able to provide support for
> Sugar users in the Region of Puno - Peru.
> I believe that the Local Labs Model has the potential
> to strength and sustain the community, as they may be
> the missing link between users and developers.
> Best,
> Laura Victoria Vargas
> Sugar Labs Perú
> Sugar Labs Colombia
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