[IAEP] DrGeo pre-release 11.12e

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire.fernandes at edu.ge.ch
Thu Nov 17 09:47:57 EST 2011

A bit more information to do a pre-release update directly from your
installed DrGeo on the XO laptop:

1. it works!
2. it takes time (maybe 10 min) to fetch the pre-release code, compile
it in the DrGeo environement, then do the clean up.
3. After the installation of the pre-release code:
DO NOT FORGET TO: i. close all DrGeo windows, ii. save the DrGeo session
to make the update persistent.

The good news is DrGeo is very fast to get ready when loaded, less than
5s on X01.

It will be possible to have a DrGeo running x3 faster with the use of
the new Squeak COG VM, but this VM does not have some parameter
necessary for Sugar.
I can't make the change myself on my free time, my plate is full with
DrGeo. If anyone can make this effort it will be great.



Le 17/11/2011 14:30, Hilaire Fernandes a écrit :
> From your latest DrGeo installation, you can upgrade to DrGeo
> pre-release 11.12e
> To do so, select in the DrGeo environment menu
> "update DrGeo", then save the session to make the update permanent.
> Feedback and bugs reports appreciated before final release in December.
> I also appreciate from XO users cool comments at the DrGeo activity page
> http://activities.sugarlabs.org/sugar/addon/4323
> Hilaire
> #13607 Mark symbol for segment
> #13589 Mutuate point feature (in select mode with [Shift] key)

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