[IAEP] Video player for wiki.sugarlabs.org

Bernie Innocenti bernie at sugarlabs.org
Sat Nov 5 23:43:21 EDT 2011


a few days ago someone come to Sugar complaining that Vimeo had taken
down a Sugar educational video due to alleged copyright violations.

So I added support for playing videos directly inside Mediawiki:


See the page source for a usage hint. As you can see from the demos, for
best compatibility, videos need to be encoded in either WebM or Ogg

MPEG-4 (x264) requires a flash player, and I couldn't get it work
neither with Gnash, nor with Adobe's Flash 11. So try to stay away from
it if you can. I also haven't tested compatibility with IE9 and Safari,
please update the page if you try them.

Currently, there's no way to upload video files directly within
Mediawiki. You'll have to host the files somewhere else, such as in your
public_html directory.


Bernie Innocenti
Sugar Labs Infrastructure Team

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