[IAEP] EduJAM day 2.5 Tour of Uruguay

Leticia D. Romero C. lediroca at gmail.com
Tue May 3 08:32:58 EDT 2011

Hi to everyone!

I'm "new" here... I was invited by friends who are visiting Uruguay right

I introduce myself: BA in computer science with a graduate degree in virtual
learning, working as a teacher and Coordinator of "the 1:1 model" in a
private school in Uruguay. I am also volunteer member helping CEIBAL and one
of the organizers of the tour "Conozco Uruguay Tour"
I'm so glad to read you David!.

Hope you have a very nice day!

Leticia Romero.

2011/5/2 David Farning <dfarning at activitycentral.com>

> The afternoon and evening sessions of the tour were a great complement to
> the morning session.  Yes, you heard correctly, afternoon _and_ evening
> sessions:) Pablo has us hopping. Tomorrow morning starts a 600am.
> The afternoon session was again at public school 286. Rather than observe
> and interact with the kids in the class room, the teachers asked us to take
> a step back and look at the larger picture of how the laptop project affect
> the school and how the school affects the project. One interesting note was
> the emphasis they had that the laptops were educational tools. They were
> part of a larger tool box consisting of textbooks and other activities.
> While kids usually receive their laptop at 6, when they start school, it is
> common for kids to begin using and becoming familiar with the laptop and
> sugar when they are 4 years old. By the time kids enter high school they
> have had several years of experience. This presents a challenge for
> teachers
> as they try to catch up and keep up with the kids :)
> The primary technical requests were that social-calc works and that there
> is
> timeline activity.
> In terms of education theory, it was interesting to listen to a discussion
> the evolved from the timeline request.  Several teachers commented that the
> timeline was a very valuable tool because it would give the students a
> place
> to consolidate the information they had learned over several week.  Maybe
> it
> was my poor Spanish. But the conversation seemed to reflect concepts very
> similar to portfolios and the act of refection the journal affords.
> The evening session was with Flordeceibo. (http://www.flordeceibo.edu.uy/)
> We started the evening off with a video providing an overview of project.
> It
> is just over 2.5G so I hope that someone with some bandwidth uploads it and
> links to it in a blog post.
> Sadly, the university and Flordeceibo are not directly involved in teacher
> training.  Teacher education happens in a parallel system similar to normal
> schools.
> The real meat of the session (for software developers) happened after the
> break during a feedback session. Several of the Flordeceibo members had
> lists of bugs they have encountered during the last few years. At that
> point
> the passion became palpable.
> Because of the sheer amount of feedback we invited everyone to share
> 'headlines' of their concerns at this session. Then, follow up Sunday
> morning at the first day of the hack feast.
> Over the last couple of months one on the most important lessons we have
> learn while working with ParaguayEduca is the importance of one on one and
> face to face sessions between developers and educators. The normal tools
> that open source developers use for feedback are too 'unfamiliar' to most
> teachers.
> Instead the feedback, at least initially, requires a personal relationship
> which builds trust and helps the developer and educator learn how to
> effectively communicate. As a result, we invited everyone to join the sugar
> camp on Sunday morning.  I would like to encourage all developers to spend
> time talking one on one with the Flordeceibo members to turn their feedback
> into a format which is can be submitted as bug reports.
> david
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