[IAEP] OER Glue online event Wednesday, March 30th at 9:30pm ET

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Tue Mar 29 17:15:30 EDT 2011

Join Joel Duffin and Justin Ball, creators of the OER Glue
in discussing the latest in open course design architecture.

*How to join*

   - Follow this link at the time of the event: *
   - Wednesday, May 30th 2011 we will meet in the LearnCentral online room
   at 6:30pm Pacific, 9:30pm Eastern time. WorldClock for your time
   - Click "OK" and "Accept" several times as your browser installs the
   software. When you see Elluminate Session Log-In, enter your name and click
   the "Login" button
   - If this is your first time, come a few minutes earlier to check out the
   technology. The room opens half an hour before the event.

All events in the Math 2.0 weekly series:

About OER Glue
[image: external image chalkboard.jpg]

OER Glue is a *uniquely open approach* to online learning that lets content
be used where it already resides rather than requiring it to be copied into
a new system. OER Glue can be used to *efficiently assemble courses* and
teach online by “glueing together” open education resources (OERs) and
integrating with popular online services including Google Documents, Blogs,
Facebook, Twitter, and discussion and assessment tools. OER Glue’s web
browser add-on approach allows it to wrap context and navigation tools
around online content and to *integrate content and services from multiple
sources in a coherent manner*. In order to ensure that resources remain
available, OER Glue integrates with services such as internet archive. The
following scenarios describe the experience of using OER Glue:
Student Use of OER Glue <http://blog.oerglue.com/student-use-of-oer-glue/> |
Teacher Use of OER Glue <http://blog.oerglue.com/teacher-use-of-oer-glue/>

Key aspects of OER Glue are:

   - *Student engagement* – OER Glue increases student engagement and
   satisfaction by supporting online instruction that utilizes timely,
   authentic content and popular Web 2.0 tools.
   - *Instructional effectiveness* – OER Glue supports effective instruction
   by helping teachers find and develop learning activities and assessments
   that are aligned with their instructional goals.
   - *Teacher efficiency* – OER Glue helps teachers efficiently assemble,
   deliver, and update online courses.
   - *OER* – OER Glue helps authors easily find and adapt relevant high
   quality free online resources for their courses.
   - *Glue* – People are frustrated with the poor user experience of
   existing systems that require you to copy your content into them, but
   enthusiastic about the new Web 2.0 tools that continue to emerge. OER Glue
   lets you use content where it already is and to easily integrate third party
   tools in a coherent manner to teach online.

Event Hosts
[image: Joel_Duffin.jpg][image: justinball.jpg]*Joel Duffin*, CEO of OER
Glue, is a entrepreneur and software developer with a love for designing
software and understanding how people learn. Joel enjoys scheming about how
to design and leverage software systems and online content to encourage
youth to engage in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Joel
blogs <http://www.joelduffin.com/> about technology and STEM education.
 *Justin Ball*, CTO of OER Glue, is an entrepreneur with several successful
startups and one major failure under his belt. He became involved in the OER
space under the direction of David Wiley at OSLO and then COSL and
participated in the construction of the various projects generated there. He
used to write C++ and .Net then moved to python and finally found Ruby. In
the rare moments when he isn't writing code, talking about code or measuring
his code productivity in profanity per hour, you can find him on his bike in
the mountains or on the roads surrounding Cache Valley. Justin can be found
pontificating at http://www.justinball.com
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