[IAEP] Update: Wish this little PC was an XO! ; -D It was! Almost....

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 10 13:31:15 EST 2011

Hi All...
This will be the last episode (I hope) in the saga about getting an EeePC 900 back to usability by, finally reflashing.  It was actually very much like reflashing an XO. The big difference was that instead of a usb thumb drive with the needed software, I had to go out an buy an usb optical drive so I could use the support CD that came with the machine.  I did get one that will copy at up to 28X and has light scribe capability, so I can use it to make SWAG for future events.
Asus was very helpful and talked me through the steps.  It worked a lot like reflashing the XO. 
When it was finished, I had to redo all the settings, just like on the XO.
So now, it is running fine. I reinstalled Firefox and made it my browser of choice, and I am able to use it for the internet with no problem.
If you came late to this discussion, the original problem was that, while I could Skype on it, I could not connect to the internet. Many people offered very helpful suggestions for recovering the original software, but the furthest back I could go was December of last year. Evidently the problem started before that. 
Thanks again to all who offered helpful hints. Even though they didn't work they were appreciated and kept me from giving up.
 The EeePC was bought mainly so that I could show people Sugar running on a PC when I go to events with my "Roadshow In A Box"

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