[IAEP] details of upcoming Uruguay summit: eduJAM! 2011

Gabriel Eirea geirea at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 17:55:57 EST 2011

Dear community,

During the week we made some progress in the organization of the
summit in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The name of the event is eduJAM! 2011 and will take place from Thu May
5 to Sat May 7. Please see the attached file for logo and graphic

The summit main objective is to strengthen the free educational
software developers community, with focus on Latin America and the
Sugar and olpc communities. The event will feature discussions around
future directions and strategy, hacking on specific projects, and
exchange of experiences among different deployments.

There is a Program Committee with the following members: Andrés
Ambrois, Walter Bender, Gabriel Eirea, Pablo Flores, Gonzalo Odiard
and Fernando Sansberro. This committee will define the summit program
but of course input from the community is encouraged and appreciated.
A first sketch of the event is shown in the wiki page:


Registration to the event will be required  but we are not ready to
announce the details yet.

In addition to eduJAM! a couple of extra activities are being planned
to make the most of the summit.

The "Conozco Uruguay Tour" is being organized by members of volunteer
organization RAP Ceibal and the OLPC community. It will take place
during the days prior to the summit (from Sat April 30 to Thu May 5).
More information here:


We are also proposing a Sugar code sprint for Sunday May 8, right
after the summit.

There is a first sponsorship from Activity Central and we are looking
for other sponsors both at the national and international level.

We hope you can join us and are looking forward to your comments and

Best regards,

The ceibalJAM! team.
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