[IAEP] olpc/sugar Map Jam: Philippines & eKindling! (9PM EST Sunday Mch 6)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Mar 5 15:19:55 EST 2011

See you in exactly 30hrs from now on the usual number/channel below: 
http://twitter.com/olpc !  Don't forget to submit your "Filipino 
Factoids" guesses in advance here, remembering you do NOT need to answer 
all questions to win:


That is if you+family take exploring+mapmaking 
http://olpcmap.net/?go=southeast_asia seriously in any way ;)

    Organic community edutech growth is not a mere slogan in the
    Philippines, thanks to Ryan Letada (Exec Director of eKindling)
    bringing an exciting update for us this Sunday, explaining the
    exceptional progress this community organization is building out. 
    Remember: the Philippines practically invented the term "people
    power" in 1986, during the Marcos-to-Aquino nonviolent revolution --
    exactly 25 years prior to the Arab World discovering the same:


    Volunteers/projects globally will learn important insights from
    these devoted Filipinos' experiences -- and directly get involved if
    you too want to help them build civil society, starting right here:


    Beyond eKindling's strongest volunteer successes you may already
    know about:


    Not to give away Ryan's entire talk (and "Filipino Factoids" you
    will be asked to answer if you want to win a Red XO!) but going
    forward, eKindling is in fact looking at integrating mapping into
    its actual core curriculum, expanding upon the innovation in
    Uganda's http://mapuganda.blogspot.com

    /How refreshing that an entire country might take seriously the idea
    we "Help kids everywhere map their world, at http://olpcMAP.net !"
    interweaving deep in-school learning across an entire country's
    cultural fabric./

    Please join us Sunday March 6th, 9PM EST on the usual number to find
    out more -- RSVP if possible!

         +1 866 213-2185    or    +1 609 454-9914
         Access Code: 1671650#

    Live Chat Backchannel:

         (that's #olpc-help on irc.freenode.net)

    Help kids everywhere map their world, athttp://olpcMAP.net  !

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