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Hi Everyone,

The Open Content Licensing for Educators workshop is scheduled for 21
- 25 March 2011 and will be presented asynchronously.  Participants
will need approximately 1 hour per day which they can allocate
according to their schedules. The workshop is free and we welcome
participation from all educators world wide.

The New Zealand Ministry of Education is sponsoring a dedicated group
within the course for New Zealand School teachers in relation to the
New Zealand Government Open Access Licensing Framework approved by
parliament last year. (In short - -New Zealand schools are invited to
adopt open licensing policies.)  As a result, we have implemented an
enrolment key system for this course to facilitate specific group

International participants and tertiary educators from New Zealand
should use "oer" (lowercase without the quotations)
New Zealand school teachers and board of trustee members should use
"oernz" (lowercase without the quotations.)

Register your seat today. See:

This will not effect people who have already registered for the
course, but provides a mechanism for us to deal with the unique issues
surrounding NZGOAL, which may not be of interest to the international


About #OCL4ED

Sponsored by UNESCO, the course materials were developed as a
collaborative project by volunteers from the OER Foundation,
WikiEducator, the OpenCourseWare Consortium and Creative Commons. The
course will provide prerequisite knowledge required by educators to
legally remix open education materials and help institutions to take
informed decisions about open content licenses. We encourage all BOTs
to consider adopting open content intellectual property policies at
their schools and this workshop will provide you with the information
you need to consider this important decision.

Please forward this notification to your relevant line managers to
distribute the invitation. Registration details are provided below.

With kind regards

Wayne Mackintosh, Ph.D.
Director OER Foundation
Director, International Centre for Open Education,
Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand.
Founder and elected Community Council Member, Wikieducator
Mobile +64 21 2436 380
Skype: WGMNZ1
Twitter | identi.ca

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