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Hilaire Fernandes hilaire.fernandes at edu.ge.ch
Thu Jul 28 06:50:42 EDT 2011

Hello Paolo,

I can't reproduce the problems your reported. I tested on a XO 1 shipped
with Sugar 0.84.16.
I am cc back to the Sugar list to read for more feedback on similar

Check in the /home/olpc/Activities/DrGeoII.activity/drgeo the file
PharoDebug.log and send it to me.

I packed DrGeo 11.06 with the new COG VM, to improve the kids
experience. For example on XO 1 with this VM, DrGeo is just faster than
DrGeo on iPad. However this Vm could be instable, and crash may occur,
but not the hanging you mentioned.

Regarding journal, for next DrGeo version I may  get rid of the file
system dialog you are mentioning. By the way, you did not tell me about
my initial post: I am still looking for volunteers to help translating
the DrGeo user manual.


Le 28/07/2011 04:59, nanonano at mediagala.com a écrit :
> Hi:
> My name is  PAolo Benini, I'm form Uruguay.
> I tried the last version of Dr. GEO (v.1106 form sugarlabs.org) and I
> couldn't use it . I tried on a XO 1.0 and an Xo 1.5.
> Both with the SUgar dextrose (SUgar 0.88.1), the official Image of
> Sugar here in Uruguay.
> Dr GEO Works for a while (a couple of minutes of using it, aprox) and
> then it hangs up, it appears a message "DrGeoII Failed to start".
> The same thing happens on both laptops, XO 1.5 an 1.0
> Sometimes I can't even start Dr GEo, it appears the same message.
> --------------------------------------------
> ANother big problem here in Uruguay is about Dr Geo and the Journal:
> We can only sabe files on the Linux Directories, but those directories
> are disconnected form the Journal.
> Lots of people talk about the Sugar , the journal, and
> Constructionism, but  we have to tell the children to use Directories,
> and they don't know what is a directory.
> --------------------------------------------
> Plan Ceibal image for the XO 1.5 (os49uy, it has Sugar and Gnome):
> http://www.ceibal.edu.uy/Portal.Base/Web/VerContenido.aspx?GUID=b053193a-7ae5-427b-8168-7c10099f3943&ID=204659
> Plan Ceibal Image  for the XO 1.0 (os1bdxuy, it has only Sugar)
> http://ceibal.edu.uy/Portal.Base/Web/VerContenido.aspx?GUID=b63e7fa5-5ec2-42aa-9c0d-ac483620d61f&ID=203132
> I Didn't Try to install Dr. GEO on Gnome (on the XO 1.5), because here
> in Uruguay we don't have root access, so it is very difficult to
> install anything on That Gnome.
> Thanks
> Paolo Benini
> Montevideo

Education 0.2 -- http://blog.ofset.org/hilaire

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