[IAEP] DrGeo user manual

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire.fernandes at edu.ge.ch
Wed Jul 27 05:47:24 EDT 2011


I have seen many use cases of DrGeo in Spanish speaking countries, in
the South American continent, mainly for teachers training and Sugar
based XO laptop.
But still the new DrGeo user manual[1] is not yet translated to this
language. In fact both English and Spanish are lacking. I wrote the
manual first in French because I know how to write it right in this
language, I do not want to write an average version in another language
teachers and kids may refer to, it will give a bad perception of the
quality of the software.

The new user manual explains several aspects of the new DrGeoII paradigm
of living objects and the way to interact in live with the DrGeo model
to write programmed sketch or to add script in a living sktech. Even if
new, these paradigms are old Smalltalk model found in the '70. Some
other geometry software are implementing slowly these paradigms, but
given their background language it is not as simple, clean and lean.

Anyway I am looking for volunteers to translate the user manual. The
sources is in LaTeX forms[2]. I have not planed to move it to a wiki, as
I want the source of the manual to stick to LaTeX for optimal quality in
both PDF and HTML[3].


[1] http://documentation.ofset.org/drgeo2/fr
[2] https://gforge.inria.fr/scm/viewvc.php/drgeo2/doc/?root=istoa
[3] Or does someone knows reliable solution for online editing with
LaTeX quality rendering to PDF or HTML?

Education 0.2 -- http://blog.ofset.org/hilaire

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