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Fri Jul 22 23:36:18 EDT 2011

On Thu, July 21, 2011 11:25 pm, ana.cichero wrote:
> Hello Mokurai
> Would you take a look at
>> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/Turtle_Art/Tutorials, and talk
>> with us, the Spanish translators, and the teachers about
>> a) translating these pages into Spanish
>> b) what is needed so that teachers can use these ideas in class
> I find the link empty...

I'm sorry. It should have been


> a) Yes.  I can help translating your tutorials for Turtle  (please send me
> the exact link) . When I don t understand I ask.

Thank you.

> b) No.  Unfortunately I cannot make class planifications on the subject.

I did not make myself clear then. I meant that I would like someone to ask
teachers who do work on teaching Turtle Art and other subjects whether my
tutorials make sense to them, and whether they can assist us in making
lesson plans on these subjects.

> My offer for fitting in uruguayan secondary school curricular structure
> planifications of classes using Abacus.xo still stands.

Thank you. I will create a TA program to draw an abacus and demonstrate
its operations, and then move from there to Abacus.xo.

> --I ve studied maths and learning for 4 full years exclusively and been
> working on highschools for the last 10 years,  teaching from negative
> numbers to matrixes and integrals, but I am just an newbie when going into
> programming languages... sorry.--

Perfect. Please look at You Be the Turtle and at Mathematics and Art, an
introduction to TA. These assume no knowledge of Turtle Art whatsoever. Do
they make sense to you? Then we can talk about lessons in the basics of
Turtle Art that I need to write.

>> My tutorials combine a high-level look at a topic, ideas for introducing
>> some part of it to children as early as possible, and a Turtle Art
>> demonstration of some part of the idea. Each idea needs expansion to
>> lesson plans, with feedback from classrooms and individual tutoring on
>> how
>> they work and how they need to be improved. Each idea also needs
>> implementation in Logo (which we can get by automatic translation from
>> TA), Python, Smalltalk/Etoys, GeoGebra, and other software.
>> On top of all that, we need to create a usable sequence of ideas and
>> examples leading from no computer (You Be the Turtle tutorial), through
>> introducing TA (Mathematics and Art tutorial), through the essential
>> concepts and techniques of programming and Computer Science, to
>> competence
>> in Python, Logo, Smalltalk, and any other language of interest.
>> > Ana.

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