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Hello Mokurai

Would you take a look at
> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/Turtle_Art/Tutorials, and talk
> with us, the Spanish translators, and the teachers about
> a) translating these pages into Spanish
> b) what is needed so that teachers can use these ideas in class

I find the link empty...
a) Yes.  I can help translating your tutorials for Turtle  (please send me
the exact link) . When I don t understand I ask.
b) No.  Unfortunately I cannot make class planifications on the subject.

My offer for fitting in uruguayan secondary school curricular structure
planifications of classes using Abacus.xo  still stands.
--I ve studied maths and learning for 4 full years exclusively and been
working on highschools for the last 10 years,  teaching from negative
numbers to matrixes and integrals, but I am just an newbie when going into
programming languages... sorry.--

My tutorials combine a high-level look at a topic, ideas for introducing
> some part of it to children as early as possible, and a Turtle Art
> demonstration of some part of the idea. Each idea needs expansion to
> lesson plans, with feedback from classrooms and individual tutoring on how
> they work and how they need to be improved. Each idea also needs
> implementation in Logo (which we can get by automatic translation from
> TA), Python, Smalltalk/Etoys, GeoGebra, and other software.
> On top of all that, we need to create a usable sequence of ideas and
> examples leading from no computer (You Be the Turtle tutorial), through
> introducing TA (Mathematics and Art tutorial), through the essential
> concepts and techniques of programming and Computer Science, to competence
> in Python, Logo, Smalltalk, and any other language of interest.
> > Ana.
> >
> > ps.
> > Working among early grades students is harder and it less payed-- because
> > traditionally upper grade studying needed society stimulation.
> > In uruguay 2ndary teachers is a strictly ordered set ( 19 lists, one for
> > each region) , and in that order is invited to choose --every year--- the
> > grade and the school to work. Nobody wants to work with early years of
> > public highschool having other choice...
> > (system could help education a lot with some really little changes, but
> as
> > little changes don t make political issues, nobody promotes them)
> In computer programming, making many little improvements is known as
> refactoring.
> http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44936.Refactoring
> "Each refactoring step is simple-seemingly too simple to be worth doing.
> Refactoring may involve moving a field from one class to another, or
> pulling some code out of a method to turn it into its own method, or even
> pushing some code up or down a hierarchy. While these individual steps may
> seem elementary, the cumulative effect of such small changes can radically
> improve the design. Refactoring is a proven way to prevent software
> decay."
> The payoff is huge. We must find incentives to work on it. Perhaps for
> some teachers, being able to affect the design of the teaching may be a
> useful incentive. I know that in the profession generally, the biggest
> incentive available is the possibility of teaching effectively.
Thanks for the concept of refactoring, educational system would take great
advatange of it, but I don t see in my place any political interest on
that.  It is just a fact.
As you say, the possibility of teaching effectively can be enaugh reward,
but I learnt  ---in these working years-- that your individual effort can
fail completely when working among a disfunctional system and we must not
row with a strong current against :)

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