[IAEP] [OT] the Pope's Toilet (Uruguayan movie)

Sebastian Silva sebastian at somosazucar.org
Sat Jul 2 21:39:56 EDT 2011

I'm sure there are concrete ways to help uruguayan cinema but probably 
the first is to watch it.
I'm downloading from:


El 02/07/11 19:20, Yamandu Ploskonka escribió:
> Just finished watching The Pope's Toilet, a Uruguayan movie telling of 
> parental sacrifice, poverty, relation with authority, dreams of the 
> young and of the old...
> Great movie, highly recommended if you want to have a better idea of 
> how real Uruguayans live or survive, especially among the urban less 
> well-to-do. Many elements I found highly accurate: the bar where the 
> group of friends meet every afternoon, the neighborhood, small-time 
> smuggling as a way of life for many - protectionism and import taxes 
> make many "legal" imports unaffordable, thus Brazilian products have 
> forever been a gray-area option, indeed considered by many as the very 
> origin of the Uruguayan nationhood.
> I could almost smell that house, those streets...
> If you watch it, do notice the "need" of the daughter to go to study 
> to Montevideo, how that is interpreted by his mother, father, peers 
> and the "friendly" older lady, that one with a hint of ulterior 
> motives, by the customs officer who is quite outright on what *he* 
> wants... How much she believes in her mom's desire, that after she 
> graduates she will come back.
> Wife asked if I had ever smuggled when in Uruguay.  I have.
> (to admit something like that sounds strange - us Uruguayans feel it's 
> entirely normal, even the wife of President Sanguinetti shared her 
> adventures.  Moreover, my experience was during an official school 
> trip, where everybody came back at least with many layers of T-shirts 
> - and chocolate!  I can say it was quite the bonding experience)
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