[IAEP] Tests of applications on booted Trisquel 4.1 sugar installed to a 8Gb USB (2nd version 02/18/2011)

Carlos Rabassa carnen at mac.com
Sun Feb 20 10:49:42 EST 2011


looks like you are on the right track to fulfill my dream!

My suggestions, if you wish to consider any or all of them:

No need to call all those different from us non-technical.
To move ahead as the great international community we are,  each of us has to concentrate on what he likes best or on what he is best at.
Make some technical decisions for the rest of us,  don´t mention several distributions and so for.
Decide on what you consider the best today and forget everything else.
If,  in a few months you wish to review and revise your recommendations that would be excellent.
But today,  recommend only one solution,  the one you consider the best today.
What most of us are asking for is step by step,  simple instructions,  reading something like this:


Dear users of Windows and Mac OS:

We are proud to present complete and TESTED instructions to run the applications used by the school laptops.
You might still find the following problems:
No sound
No camera 
Good only for applications used in the original XOs.
or whatever it is but,  please SAY it,  don´t let everyone waste time and conclude he cannot do it because he is not a genius

If you are using Windows:

Go to: http....
Download the file ....
Follow instructions to install...
Then go to ....
Download ...
Follow instructions...

If you use Mac OS:

Similar instructions.

Make sure the instructions do not include "shop talk",  technical words,  abbreviations.   
There should be just plain instructions.
Bear in mind quite a few of the beneficiaries of this instructions will not speak English and will have to translate.
Use short sentences even if the text does not result elegant or reflect a high level of knowledge.
Do not assume all the people you call non-technical are illiterate.
Imagine they are good administrators of their time and energy and don´t want to waste them doing what others have already done or do better.
Most people do not spend all their lives learning how to read and write.
As soon as they know enough,  they move on to use their knowledge of reading and writing to enjoy their lives,  to learn many other things,  to investigate,  to teach.


Carlos Rabassa
Plan Ceibal Support Network
Montevideo, Uruguay

On Feb 20, 2011, at 1:30 AM, Bernie Innocenti wrote:

> On Fri, 2011-02-18 at 14:08 -0800, Thomas C Gilliard wrote: 
>> This is a great sugar!
>> I have uploaded the New 02/18/2011 VirtualBox Appliance here:
>> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Emulator_image_files/Trisquel#Trisquel-4.1-sugar
> I'm very impressed!
> Shall we give it more visibility? I vote for making this the recommended
> download for emulator images.
> Now, how can we make this easy to try for non-technical users? Is there
> a way to bundle up the VM with a player in a single download that works
> for Windows and Mac?
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