[IAEP] Reminder: STEP UP OLPC Fundraiser in DC on Feb 24th

Beth Santos beth at waveplace.org
Thu Feb 17 15:44:00 EST 2011

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to send a reminder about this big fundraiser that we're having
for the computer program I've been helping groom in São Tomé. I just talked
to one of our teachers today, who said she is praying that we have success
in our fundraiser so that we can keep the program growing.

If you are in the DC area or know anyone there, please spread the word as
much as you can. We'll be selling t-shirts to support our cause, as well as
photography done by the kids themselves. I'll be driving up there from North
Carolina to give a presentation and we have a DJ coming to play São Tomean
and other underground hip hop music. We're also expecting appearances from
the Portuguese Embassy in DC.

A wonderful org called VOICES will be holding the fundraiser exclusively
for STEP UP OLPC at the Hillyer Art Space just off *Dupont Circle* in
Washington DC on*Thursday, February 24th*. Live hip hop music, food and a
presentation about STEP UP OLPC will take place *starting at 6pm*. I'm
hoping to be there but am no sure yet.

As many of you know, STEP UP OLPC has been going great and we couldn't be
more proud of the teachers and students in our program. Lately, however, we
have been having problems with chargers and need to get some new ones that
won't break so easily during power surges. That's one of the reasons why
we're having a fundraiser to get better quality materials for our class and
to see if we can't grow it even more.

*Here's a Facebook link to the event:

Thanks for all of your continued support!

Take care,

*Beth Santos*
Outreach Coordinator
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