[IAEP] For Sugar Everywhere, Google-ize!

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Wed Feb 16 22:07:00 EST 2011

Hi Christian,

(I should probably stop jumping into this thread and let other people
reply so I can find out what they think too!)

   > I also believe the support for those users should not
   > deteriorate, meaning folks like the OLPC Support Gang need to
   > learn the new system (assuming troubleshooting beneath the
   > interface changes as system-level features change) without
   > sacrificing their dedication to the existing system.  For every
   > 100 units with the "new and improved" Sugar that roll out
   > (assuming it reached production), how many units out there still
   > would require support by experts in the old architecture?

OLPC's working on a tablet, so there'll be a huge amount of retraining
needed for both the support-gang and deployments when a deployment
orders XO tablets -- standing still with the current software simply
isn't an option for them.

   > And, forgive me on this one because I realize Sugar and OLPC are
   > not necessarily tied at the hip, but what happens if Sugar moves
   > too far from the OLPC's five core principles?  Will that
   > necessitate an "OLPC Sugar" and a "Sugar Free", developed with no
   > XO-specific code or even OLPC-oriented goals?  Just wondering
   > where OLPC ends and Sugar begins...

It's a good question, but don't forget that there are plenty of OLPC
people around in the Sugar world, including on the SLOBS board; we've
been working closely together since the beginning, and OLPC is willing
and able to yell if a software proposal sounds like it wouldn't work
out for us.  It's in all of our best interests to find a way to pool
resources and work together!


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>
One Laptop Per Child

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