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Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Tue Feb 8 23:48:34 EST 2011


   > We would be in a sorry state if thieves could get around our security
   > by acquiring developer keys. No, these are two separate functions.

No, they aren't -- Tabitha is correct.  Developer keys have overriden
activation security since the first Bitfrost document:


   The anti-theft system cannot be bypassed as long as #P_SF_CORE is
   enabled (and disabling it requires a developer key). This, in
   effect, means that a child is free to do any modification to her
   machine's userspace (by disabling #P_SF_RUN without a developer
   key), but cannot change the running kernel without requesting the
   key. The key-issuing process incorporates a 14-day delay to allow
   for a slow theft report to percolate up through the system, and is
   only issued if the machine is not reported stolen at the end of
   that period of time.
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