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This game is fun.


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>> I successfully installed the latest version of Flash on an XO-1.5 running
>> 10.1.3 (860). fI followed the instructions on this page:
>> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Adobe_Flash

Hi guys. Sorry for the long hiatus.

I had some very personal issues I had to attend to, and I haven't been
able to update the wiki.

Anyway, i'd like to open source this game I did some time ago and give
OLPC and its affiliates the rights to just use it. Not GPL, more of
creative commons.


It runs on the XO-1, but slow since it's unoptimized (will need to
change all vector art to Bitmap in order to speed things up, tested on
Latest XO-1 OS inside Opera Browser in Gnome).

It's going to be better as an AIR app though, as it can be installed
locally on everyone's XO, and will probably have better performance
than in a browser (not sure about how this will work out with Sugar

I'm really swamped at work right now, but I'd like to clean up the
source files a little bit (strip out the ad engine, replace assets
with bitmaps, etc) before I release the source files because it's a
bit of an embarassing hack job as it currently is. It'll take around 3
months to do this because of my schedule.

The dictionary used inside can be swapped out for a different one,
just not sure how it'll work out with european characters as I only
built it for the US alphabet.

In the meantime, maybe someone would like to come up with re-skinning
concepts to rename and re-brand it as an OLPC game? I can just stick
those inside the game once I get cracking on it again.

The nice thing is that it would run on any platform that supports the
latest Flash. Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to, it will not run
on Gnash because it's in AS3. Every bit of speed counts when you've
got lower-spec machines, and AVM2 can be up to 100x or so faster than
AVM1. Also, XML is hell to parse in AS2. AS3 makes it a joy to work

Would really appreciate it too if someone could post instructions on
how to install AIR on the latest versions of the OS as I haven't had
much luck.

As I said, I'm not much of a Linux person, and it's a little hard
absorbing everything because of time constraints. Learning gets a
little harder as you get older, and sometimes, the brain can't absorb
information as easily as little kids can anymore.



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