[IAEP] Assorted Observations and Comments

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 1 18:01:06 EST 2011

Hi All,

I am busy checking out some XO-1.5s and XO-1s in preparation for SCaLE 9x at the end of February.  As I work, I come across things others have commented on or things I have noticed.  From time to time,  I will post these things for the curious among you.

1) Dextrose as run on build 373pyg does still have the switch to the Gnome desktop as an option.

2) All four TamTam Activities are present on 852.

3) I do not see the Mayan numerals and access points anywhere. Yet some of the XO-1.5s and XO-1s can collaborate (both models together) in Chat.  Some work better than others, for no apparent reason.  They see the Chat icon in neighborhood view and clicking on it joins the chat.... some require choosing "Share with my neighborhood". Restarting drops out of the chat and it may not be possible to rejoin. XO-1.5 to XO-1 collaboration works just fine,  although joining is a little bit different. Will this all work without internet access?  Haven't tried it yet. Stay tuned!

Caryl (aka GrannieB, a member of the "Grannie Crowd" )

P.S. Do you qualify as a member of the OLPC/Sugar Labs Grannie Crowd?  To qualify, a volunteer must not be a digital native.  Grandkids are not required, although they are a wonderful bonus!  Yes, Digital Pioneers (pre-1980) still qualify!   		 	   		  
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