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When you use an activity from an USB or SD card..The activity is copied to the system.. (to the flash memory)When you use an activity from the journal.. the activity don't copy.. the activity is installed with the files fromthe journal.. a simbolic link's... When you remove the entry from the journal.. it remove the activity...That was happend on old sugar.. in the new.. I don't know.. but I think that is equal...
The work's can be saved on the SD without problem.. and I think that is a good form to get some space forthe activitys..
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Subject: [IAEP] SD Card Expert Needed

Hi All....

I'm looking for an SD card expert... not just theoretical, but someone who has actually done what I want to be able to do.

I am re-locating 10 XO-1 laptops from a CP project that has stalled to a K-8 school in rural Montana.  They have some very enthusiastic teachers who really want to do all sorts of neat things with the XOs and tell us about them, plus their principal is very supportive of the project.

Because they will be using the laptops for elementary music  and middle school science, along with lots of other things... they could really use more than 1 GB memory.

What I was hoping to do is use an SD card (2GB to 4GB) as auxiliary memory.  I would like to be able to add science Activities like Star Chart and Constellation Flash Cards on the SD card, have them stay there, and the journal entries for those Activities stay there too.  

I tried it today on an XO-1 running 11.2.0 (os874) and it seemed to be working fine... until... I ejected and removed the SD card to see what was going on and the Activities (still on the card) were also on the XO!  Not what I am looking for!  I don't want them to "live" on the XO, I want them to "live" on the SD card only. The card won't need to be removed... that was just to test where the Activities were.

Students will probably be asked to save their work on usb drives too... that is really up to the teachers, but I will strongly suggest it.

So... who has experience with this?  Can it be done? 

Caryl (aka GrannieB) 		 	   		  

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