[IAEP] EduJam

David Farning dfarning at activitycentral.com
Fri Apr 29 06:32:43 EDT 2011

Today kicks off EduJAM.  EduJAM looks to be a great 1-to-1, OLPC, and Sugar
event with participants from many sectors of the community. Congratulation
to the great people from http://ceibaljam.org/ for hosting and coordinating
the event. 

There will be diverse offerings for participants, both volunteer and paid,
from a wide range of perspectives. Keeping in line with the goals of the
project, the overall structure of EduJAM moves from education to the
technology which supports education as the week progress.

April 30 -May 4 is the tour of Uruguay. ( http://ceibaljam.org/node/1233 )
The tour is great chance for teachers, teacher trainers, support staff,
deployment administrators, and other volunteers to see and discuss best
practices from three different schools in Uruguay.

May 5 - May 7 is the Summit itself. ( http://ceibaljam.org/?q=edujam2011 )
The summit is a great chance for educators and technical staff to come
together to see how they play equally important, yet separate, roles in
leveraging advances in technology to provide effective education.

May 7 - May is the code sprint
(http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/EduJAM_Code_Sprint ) The code sprint is a
great chance for developers and support staff from deployments, OLPC,
Activity Central, and Sugar Labs to meet and work together on specific high
priority tasks and long term planning.

I look forward to see you all soon.


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