[IAEP] Plan Ceibal in Uruguay is violating GPL license

nanonano at mediagala.com nanonano at mediagala.com
Tue Apr 26 13:53:42 EDT 2011

/>Bernie Innocenti wrote:
 >...The new OS is based on Dextrose 1 ... This allows Uruguay to give root
 > access to children without compromising the security system.

This is not true.
The new OS in Uruguay don't allow that children can have the root password.

Maybe it is a project to the future, that "PLan Ceibal " wants to put 
the security sistem on the firmware, but now it dooesn't happens, so the 
"PLan CEIBAL" is violating the GPL License (v2, v3 , and all the 
philosophy of the free software).

The security system is on the normal software (SO), so if children has 
the root password, it compromises the Plan Ceibal Security system.

Actually the things are worse indeed:

*In Uruguay,  we don't have any security system at all, because the 
"PLan ceibal" extended to 1.5 years the "expiration date"

Initially was  90 days, but from JAnuary-2011 the expiration date is 
october-2012, so you can use an XO until that date without problems, and 
if someones steal an XO, and the XO is blocked on the "plan Ceribal", 
the burglar can Flash the XO again to un-block it (using an old 

why is that?  I don't Know, but I can imagine that "PLan ceibal" has 
lots of problems with hundreds and hundreds of blocked XO, soy they 
extended the expiration date to "solve the problem".

We asked the "plan Ceibal" the reason for that extended date of 
expiration, and the answer was quite hilarious..

The official answer of the Plan Ceibal was: _"it is a political decision 
of the directory board"._

The original words: "fue una resolución política tomada por el 
Directorio del Centro Ceibal."


I Think that the solution of the violation of the GPL License don't 
comes with the "force of justice". In SPanish there is a proverb that 
says _*"sometimes, *__*the medicine is worse than the disease".*_

Paolo Benini

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