[IAEP] [SLOBS] New Finance Request: Airfare to EduJAM for Sebastian Silva

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Fri Apr 22 15:13:22 EDT 2011

>     For the olpc San Francisco bay community summit  last year Adam Holt
>     setup a way for people to make donations to cover DSD's flights; I
>     think Adam used Paypal.
>     Can we do something similar to help get Sebastian to EduJAM?

I see no reason why not - trying to figure out how this works here...

Okay, looking at http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Donate we don't 
have a way for people to specifically earmark donated funds for a 
certain purpose.

But if people reply to this thread and pledge to donate $X specifically 
for Sebastian's flight to EduJAM, and then donate that $X on the 
Donation page, I can use the email names and dates to match the actual 
received donations, and keep a running tally here.


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