[IAEP] Sugar on tablets

Rita Freudenberg rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Wed Apr 20 11:56:12 EDT 2011


we are working on a project getting Sugar running on a tablet (Pegatron Lucid). The tablet has an intel processor, Sugar is running on Fedora 14. We only had few activities after the installation, but imported them later and most of them are working. Now it is getting interesting. On a tablet, some things need to be improved. One thing is the activation of the frame. It is really hard to put the mouse pointer with your fingers in the upper left corner to get the frame. And the other thing is the missing keyboard. This is really needed. I found the page on the sugar labs wiki about the onscreen keyboard:


Is anyone working on this at the moment? Right now, we are using an external keyboard. We installed a jabber server and we could collaborate in the write activity between the tablet and an interactive whiteboard :) 
I cannot go into details about the planned project, discussion is still ongoing, but everything looks promising at the moment. If we are successful, we will put a certain number of these tablets + Sugar into our schools! This is a great chance for Sugar here in Germany! But we need your help to make it work! 


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