[IAEP] College class in SC doing Sugar development

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Thu Apr 7 17:16:50 EDT 2011

So, I found out yesterday that a college class in South Carolina is 
getting its students into FOSS development for all of their assignments 
- and that a good number of them have been working on older Sugar 
Activities as their contribution. Awesomesauce.

Check out the student blogs at http://csci462-2011.wikispaces.com/ - 
they talk about patching Lemonade Activity, listening to Walter's talk 
at POSSCON last month, struggling with Activity packaging, and more.

Not sure if folks are aware of this since I haven't seen anything go 
across iaep, Planet Sugar Labs, or anything else - but this seems like a 
good group to get in touch with if anyone needs more hands or feedback, 
since the professor, Jim Bowring, is planning on doing it again next 
school year. Next time we should get those folks more active on the 
lists and hooked up to the Planets, too!



PS: I may have *totally* missed something here - if everyone already 
knows about Dr. Bowring's class, please yell at me and point me towards 
where y'all are hanging out, and I'll shut up. ;) It was just news to 
me, and I couldn't find anything in the list archives about this, so I 
thought I'd share.

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