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> Caroline,
> Your students asked:
> Etoys questions include:
>    1. How do we make a mouth that moves?
> When you first open Etoys click on the "Gallery of Projects" then in the
> second row, first item from the left is a "Bouncing Ball Animation"
> basically it behaves like flip animation (where you draw the different
> positions on the edge of each piece of paper and flip through the pages to
> animate). Have the kids make different drawings of the mouth and place each
> one in a Holder. Then open the Holder's viewer go to the collections
> category and you can iterate through the items in the Holder and set the
> Mouth graphic to the "Holder's player at cursor graphic" To get the
> "Holder's player at cursor graphic" tile you need to click on the

Sorry, I didn't finish the previous sentence (plus there is a simpler
method, from the Mouth's viewer, in the graphics category is a scripting
tile "mouth | looks like | dot"  drag that onto the world to create script,
the from the Holder's viewer category "collections" drag the "Holder's |
player at cursor" tile on top of the "dot" in the "mouth | looks like | dot"
 scripting tile. The scripting tile will then look like "mouth | looks like
| Holder's player at cursor".  I have been playing with Etoys for a long
time and this is the first time I noticed this method of setting a player's
costume.   Learn something new everyday ;)

Etoys Minutes and more info at http://mrstevesscience.blogspot.com/
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