[IAEP] SF Summit topics survey says! (preview)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Sep 25 10:41:17 EDT 2010

Most popular interests among the folks who've registered for Oct 22-24's 
http://olpcSF.org/CommunitySummit2010 to date:

    1. SOFTWARE (Tech track)
    2. CURRICULUM (Educ track)
    3. COMMUNITIES (Outreach track)
    4. CULTURAL (Educ track)
    5. VOLUNTEERS (Outreach track)
    6. HARDWARE (Tech track)
    7. NETWORK (Tech track) TIE
        GOVERNMENT (Educ track) TIE
    9. FUNDRAISING (Outreach track)

That's valuable insight everyone's encouraged to use, helping refine our 
"unconference" topic-scheduling here:


Please anticipate SF organizers providing a more detailed snapshot of 
registrants' interests / requests in coming weeks -- alongside this 
colorful, growing list of contributor bio/pics:


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