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>  Tabitha I agree! Is there a tool out there somewhere that does
> simultaneous translations?

Mibbit is a web chat service that supports inline translation,

The #schoolserver channel, irc://irc.oftc.net#schoolserver, might be a good
place to use it.
Here is a Mibbit link to it,


> Learning another language as an adult takes a real commitment and a lot of
> time. I have been working on Spanish for about 46+ years. I used it a lot in
> my teaching and counseling job in Los Angeles. I am retired now and use it
> when I travel and when I do volunteer work for OLPC.
> The more I use it in translating, the more comfortable I get. Now I am at
> the stage where I use a translator only to verify the accent marks and,
> sometimes, the gender of a noun.  My dictionary or thesaurus provides
> synonyms when I would be using the same word more than once in a sentence...
> a matter of style.
> There are a lot of good online tools for learning English or Spanish.  Live
> Mocha has some new subscription courses that seem to be an improvement on
> their old free ones, which are still available.  They don't take you very
> far though, Alas! http://www.livemocha.com/
> Caryl
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> I am so happy that my question of considering a deployment teacher on the
> Sugar oversight board is generating engagement with teachers - whatever
> happens from here we are already bringing the techies and the teachers
> closer together just through this discussion.
> I vote we all learn Spanish and English. Failing that, lets take another
> look at how we communicate. Maybe mailing lists are not the most appropriate
> method? If we rethink our communication method and start looking for a way
> to talk that allows us to participate in our own language (even if the
> translation is not perfect, maybe it is better than missing a lot of the
> talk due to reliance on a translator following all the mailing lists) that
> would reduce the language barrier for others in the Sugar community too, not
> just English and Spanish.
> Tabitha
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