[IAEP] [Olpc-uruguay] [Sur] Sugar Labs Oversight Board?

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Wed Sep 22 20:54:26 EDT 2010

I am so happy that my question of considering a deployment teacher on the
Sugar oversight board is generating engagement with teachers - whatever
happens from here we are already bringing the techies and the teachers
closer together just through this discussion.

I vote we all learn Spanish and English. Failing that, lets take another
look at how we communicate. Maybe mailing lists are not the most appropriate
method? If we rethink our communication method and start looking for a way
to talk that allows us to participate in our own language (even if the
translation is not perfect, maybe it is better than missing a lot of the
talk due to reliance on a translator following all the mailing lists) that
would reduce the language barrier for others in the Sugar community too, not
just English and Spanish.

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