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I haven't tried this out yet but I think it's a great idea.  Text to
speech is underutilized in Activities, in my opinion.  It isn't that
difficult to add TTS to an Activity, and every kid I've ever shown my
XO to has been delighted to hear it speak!

James Simmons

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> Hi All..
> The folks at CeibalJAM have created a ".txt" reader for blind children to use on the XO.  The teacher simply puts the text on the student's "pendrive" and they can use their XO to read the text.  They can also use it to listen to the radio!  Follow the link below.  There will be a little "Translate" button on the lower right, (in case your Spanish isn't up to it).
> You will also have the opportunity to download it there and try it on an XO.
> Have fun!
> Caryl

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