[IAEP] 2 of 3 Contributors Projects Approved!

Holt holt at laptop.org
Fri Oct 15 15:27:17 EDT 2010

  All 3 verdicts are in, 2 receiving partial approval, and the other 
needing detail:


Thank you to all members of today's FaculTEA a.k.a. all-volunteer 
enthusiastic jury, for your most dedicated peer-mentoring!!

Most all shipments should arrive before SF's community summit begins, 
exactly 1 week from today.  Y'all please remember to REGISTER if you 
will join, want one of the remaining shirts -- and *new* laptop 
stickers.  Thanks to some mind-blowingly productive volunteers we'll All 
Soon Meet at the Golden Gate:


On 10/15/2010 2:16 PM, Holt wrote:
> Even though OLPC's Contributors Program has a bit of a temporary inventory
> shortage this month, please all join us voting for the latest OLPC/Sugar
> community projects over IRC Live Chat, even as I apologize certain
> shipments may be somewhat delayed!  Please join us live now, to make the
> best project allocations & mentoring relationships--starting right here:
> http://forum.laptop.org/chat
> Then type at bottom:
> /join #olpc-meeting
> * Fast Review of the 3 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
>  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:
>  1. Testing & Fixing Bugs in Sugar - Purley Surrey, London, England
>  2. XO laptops as assistive technology - Seattle, Washington
>  3. Calling San Cristobal Island Community - Galapagos, Ecuador
> * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Projects
> http://rt.laptop.org/Search/Results.html?Query=Queue=%27contributors%27
> * New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XO_Laptop_Lending_Libraries
> 1. Testing & Fixing Bugs in Sugar - Purley Surrey, London, England
> http://rt.laptop.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=68448
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Projects ]
>    Requests 1 XO over undetermined months
>    Project Background/Objectives:
>    I've join the sugar labs community and I want to help test current and
>    new releases of sugar labs. I asked the question on the sugar irc 
> channel
>    on freenode about obtaining an XO laptop to help with testing. And was
>    suggested I apply with the contributor programme, I also want to write
>    new activties for X-O platform to achieve this I need the use of XO 
> laptop.
> 2. XO laptops as assistive technology - Seattle, Washington
> http://rt.laptop.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=68467
> http://adhdxo.wordpress.com
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Projects ]
>    Requests 7 XOs over 21 months
>    Project Objectives: (IN FULL @ http://adhdxo.wordpress.com)
>    Twenty percent of gifted students are estimated to be 
> "twice-exceptional."
> http://education.families.com/blog/educating-twice-exceptional-students
>    School system tracking, which assigns high-scoring students to attend
>    certain classes at a certain school, results in a higher-than-average
>    concentration of 2E students in these classes. The 2E diagnosis is
>    used in education to describe people who are gifted academically, but
>    have learning disabilities. These people tend to fall through the
>    cracks in the school system--they are extremely intelligent but tend
>    to not show up on tests because of certain deficiencies in brain
>    development, learning style, behavior, etc. They are often diagnosed
>    with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Asperger's
>    syndrome, and other things along the autism spectrum. Significant
>    among their challenges are dysgraphia (physical problems that impede
>    handwriting), disorganization (including misplacing completed
>    assignments before they can turn them in, losing track of due dates,
>    misfiling their work), short-term memory issues (this most notably
>    shows up in math), and a host of other obstacles...
>    The grades of 2E students trend toward a reverse Bell curve:
>    they get mostly A and F grades. The failing grades are primarily
>    because of things that individual laptops could address:
>    * daily planners are missing entries
>    * daily planners are not legible, and work isn't done
>    * work gets completed but not turned in
>    * work is illegible or misread as being incorrect
>    * homework assignments and/or materials get left at school
>    * attention drifts during class and key concepts are missed
>    We propose to measure the effect on grades and outcomes of the
>    following:
>    * daily planners on computer
>    * teachers simply share out the assignment information instead
>      of relying on each student to write it down
>    * teachers can more easily check the planners for accuracy and
>      completeness
>    * parents have access to complete, current, legible planner
>    * alarms, reminders, etc. are in place so milestones don't
>      pass unnoticed
>    * the rate of completed work not getting turned in should near zero
>    * loose papers will not get misplaced if the work's not on paper
>    * even if it's misfiled on a computer, work can be found via search
>    * undesirable outcomes caused by legibility of handwriting
>      should be improved
>    * the OLPC camera can be used to photograph worksheets,
>      drawings, and other things that are not in electronic form, thus
>      keeping these things from being lost or misplaced
>    * quality of notes should improve since the computer can be
>      used to record vital lectures so they can be checked against the
>      notes, thus helping fill in gaps in notes caused by inattention
>      (grades from notes and grades from tests should improve)
> 3. Calling San Cristobal Island Community - Galapagos, Ecuador
> http://rt.laptop.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=68822
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Projects ]
>    Requests 100 XOs over 12 months
>    Project Objectives:
>    1. Developing kindergarten children´s use of computers, using existing
>       websites, e.g. BBC, British Council
>    2. Developing primary and secondary children´s ability to use internet,
>       research topics, prepare blogs, have e-pals and keep in touch 
> with world
>       outside the Galapagos. Raise knowledge of Galapagos fauna and 
> flora in
>       outside world by creating videos of animals on island, e.g. 
> seals and
>       iguanas. Develop resources about history of island by interviewing
>       older people about life in islands in past.
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