[IAEP] SF Summit Scheduling Ideas!! Community Shirts Finalized! (Oct 22-24)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Wed Oct 6 00:54:15 EDT 2010

Just got a snapshot of the great scheduling work our 
http://olpcSF.org/CommunitySummit2010 volunteer organizers are putting 


A fuller draft is below -- plz reply with your Own Suggestions now, 
before our fortnight-away Sat/Sun schedule finalizes soon -- by clicking 
"EDIT" here:


Thanks everyone for putting together the biggest OLPC/Sugar/Realness 
global gathering ever, with so many people trucking away for years on 
all continents, actually meeting at last!!!

Remember this is a grassroots community-run event, with a 
lowercase/uncapitalized budget, so if you want one of our Limited 
Edition 100 Red T-shirts going to press today (famously illustrated 
below by Elizabeth Barndollar & Mike Lee!) you'll need to _*register 
soon (at http://olpcsfcs2010.eventbrite.com ) as our unique shirts *Will 
Sell Out* before the event begins :)*_



    * How to deal with (collaborate and partner with) the educational
    * Issues such as how to ensure laptops stay with students outside of
    school? What are effective strategies?
    (Jamaica: actively integrating key value-chain partners from the
    Educational EcoSystem into our Project)
    * XO for teaching and learning: eduWeavers + Internet math tutoring
    project + integrating eToys in the curriculum
    * "Hands-on experience with XO activities for children
    (Larry and Karsten's daughters team with MBC students)
    * Research: learning and achievement outcomes
    (eduWeavers/UCB, Jamaica project

    *Technology Track *
    * Building applications for Sugar, including XO Toaster
    * Sugar: SoaS on Mac, Sugar on the XO, Sugar on a Stick, Sugar in
    the Lab, Sugar Everywhere!
    * School Server, Moodle, Book Server
    * Repairing and supporting XOs in the field
    (possibly Sunday)
    * Power infrastructure: "Alternative Power Sources for ICT aka XOs"
    in the Developing World

    *Outreach and Deployments *
    * Women, health literacy and empowerment
    * Small projects in remote places: Involving US K-12 students in
    deployments overseas
    * Small deployments: empowering the community + ...

    *Speed-geek projects*
    * August Town, Jamaica
    * Starr King Elementary, SF
    * Maroantsetra, Madagascar
    * Keur Sadaro, Senegal
    * Master Teachers by Satellite for Afghanistan
    * Armenian translation of Sugar, American University of Armenia
    * eKindling project in Lubang, Philippines
    * eduWeavers project in South Africa
    * KMR Foundation project in Aziznagar, Hyderabad, India
    * Partimus project using Sugar at MNCSF.org
    * Green Wifi's project on power infrastructure in Haiti
    * Toaster
    * School Server on ARM

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