[IAEP] First evaluation results from OLPC Peru

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Fri Oct 1 17:28:53 EDT 2010

> As to be expected - based on my own experiences while I was in Peru as
> well as talking to a lot of people who've worked there in the past -
> these first results aren't particularly great.

Thanks Christoph
Is there an English language version, Google Translate is a bit of a mess.

Some of the findings are encouraging:

On the program "One laptop per child", it was noted that over 95% of teachers in schools receiving think computers laptops help improve education and learning children and motivate them to go to school. 

Moreover, between 90 and 94% of teachers indicated that computers
Portable improve the quality of teaching and facilitating. Further facilitate the use of strategies active learning. Finally, about 78% of teachers think that laptops are easy the preparation of class material and planning for it. 

By focusing only on schools that received a laptop, it was observed that most parents family indicated that in his opinion, laptops help improve education (94.1%) help to improve the quality of education (93.4%) in favor of child learning (94.2%). It is also clear that parents think their child is more motivated to go to school because they have laptops

Less encouraging:

In the classes observed in the assessment, it was found that the laptops were used to regularly, two to three times per week and daily, but in most cases this use is limited to that students transcribed texts of the notebooks or blackboards to notebooks for later editing.

The use of computers is being integrated with traditional teaching practices, so it still represents a challenge that becomes a catalyst for change in the teaching-learning process. These elements were not
central part of the program, and appears as an important element to strengthen these areas. Only 10.5% of teachers reported receiving support and 7.0% for the educational support program implementation, in

Moreover, despite the project's guidelines, only 56.9% of students reported carrying computer home. On those who do not, 41.6% is because the school does not authorize and 34.4% for their parents not permit. This would be mainly related to some teachers and parents have the perception that laptops are damaged or lost they would have to respond (which is not true, according to officials of M. Education). 


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