[IAEP] Uruguay's Open Source Software In Education "Jam" Wins International Recognition

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Sat May 22 02:37:43 EDT 2010

Hi All,

As you may have heard, Uruguay's Ceibal Jam has received an Honorable Mention in the Digital Community division of the prestegious Prix Ars Electronica of Linz, Austria.  Project Ceibal is the official name for Uruguay's educational program that has distributed OLPC's XOs, running open source Sugar software, to every student in the country's public elementary schools. 
CeibalJam is an offshoot of Project Ceibal. It is only 2 years old but has progressed from a simple get-together to share programming knowledge and ideas among educators, developers, and other interested people, to a highly organized and productive all day affair.  
Participants are offered a wide variety of opportunities for learning and collaboration with open source software for education. Often projects get started at one of the Jams and the collaboration continues between jams.  Teachers, artists, programmers, and other interested people participate in creating new and interesting Activities and ways to use existing Activities.

CeibalJam offers a model that could be adapted/adopted by other groups interested in open source software in education.  Below is a translation of their workshop schedule for their recent Jam#7 (seven in just 2 years time!).

If you missed the link to the announcement of the award, here is the official one and a link to the Ceibal website talking about the Jam and the award:


http://ceibaljam.org   (for a translated version of the page, paste the url into Google Translate)


Program for ceibalJAM7 (held on a university campus)

Room "Auriga"

Room 103

Room "Orión"

Room 104

Room 105


Arrival and registration

9:30 (1 hr)

Introduction, orientation and overview 

(2 hrs)

Conozco* Workshop
(Ana Cichero, Gabriel Eirea)

Scratch Workshop
(Nestor Flaquer, Graciela Barretto, Leticia Romero [RAP Ceiabl])

PippyJAM Workshop
(Pablo Moleri)

Accessibility Workship
(Andrea Mangiatordi, Alejandro Esperon, Micaela Acosta, Alfredo Villaverde)

Game Development Workshop
(Nicolás Castagnet, Fernando Sansberro, Gabriel Eirea)



(4 hrs)

Developing Activites with Conozco*

Developing examples with  Scratch

Developing examples with PippyJAM

Development of software for special education Lend me your voice, Sequence, Memorize, Accesible.

Exploring  games

17:30 (1 hr)

Sharing progress and results



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