[IAEP] New chapters of "Reading And Leading With Sugar" could use a review

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Mon May 17 17:33:12 EDT 2010


It would not so much be a cover for the book as an image for the front
cover.  The Sugar books all have consistent cover designs.  The only
differences are the words in the title and the cover image.  I'd like
to make my cover the same as the others.  I did come up with my own
image for "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!" and I would have done
something similar for this book if I did it myself, but I'd be happy
to have an artistic person have a crack at either one or both.  Just
make she understands that she only gets to do a cover image, not a
whole cover.

Now it is quite possible that this book could be remixed to be two
books: one for Sugaristas and another for e-book enthusiasts in
general.  It is important to me that Sugar users have a book
specifically for them.  However, the subject is bigger than just Sugar
users.  If we did this second book (proposed title "Everything You
Always Wanted To Know About E-Books (But Were Afraid To Ask)" then
your candidate maybe could do a whole cover.

As for Lulu and Amazon, what they offer is print on demand books.  You
order a book, they print it and bind it and send it to you.  If you go
through Amazon you get an ISBN number and the book is in the Amazon
catalog.  The customer gets a bound book for cheap and FLOSS Manuals
gets the profit.

Now there is nothing at all to prevent you from using OBJAVI to create
a nice PDF of either book, design your own cover, and print and sell
that and keep whatever profit there is yourself.  The book licensing
allows that.  The idea for me with Lulu is to have bound and printed
books available on an ongoing basis for Sugar users to buy, and for
FLOSS Manuals to profit.

I think there are many ways your candidates could get involved with
this book (or the remixed version) as contributors.  They could write
up their projects as case studies, for one thing.  I'm trying to get
teachers interested in the potential of free e-books and case studies
of actual students working in that area would be a terrific addition
to either book.

James Simmons

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 12:46 PM, Rebecca Hargrave Malamud
<webchick at invisible.net> wrote:
> Wonderful!
> Could the Rural Design Collective design your cover for the book? We are
> interviewing a candidate this week who would be PERFECT for this project.
> This would be solid professional experience for her.
> The books that we print will be offered by my studio to raise local
> awareness for our program (and your book, of course!). The online
> manifestations should indeed go through Lulu or Amazon (or whatever channels
> established by FLOSS Manuals).
> Yes, I am aware of Booki - wonderful project!
> Rebecca Malamud
> ---------------------------------------
> http://ruraldesigncollective.org
> James Simmons wrote:
>> Rebecca,
>> One thing that FLOSS Manuals does is allow you to submit a cover image
>> so hardbound copies can be printed on demand using Lulu.com or
>> Amazon's service.  I wasn't planning on submitting a cover image for
>> this book, but I could.  I did submit one for "Make Your Own Sugar
>> Activities!" but it's been months now and nobody from FLOSS Manuals
>> has made the cover yet.  I'll bug them about it again in a couple of
>> weeks.
>> If you DO bind and print copies of this be aware that there are TWO
>> methods of creating PDFs of FLOSS Manuals.  The one built into the
>> site is not the best way.  The one you want to use is at
>> http://objavi.flossmanuals.net.  That creates a really beautiful PDF
>> that you can submit to Lulu.com.
>> FLOSS Manuals has some new software called Booki that they may use to
>> create a FLOSS Manuals-style site for books in general.  If they do it
>> could be a fantastic resource for educators wanting to create free
>> textbooks.
>> I also read on the Project Gutenberg website that while currently only
>> books 1923 and before are in the public domain in 2019 pretty much
>> everything between 1923 and the 1970's goes into the public domain,
>> all at once.
>> I'm finding the subject of e-books a lot more interesting than I
>> thought it would be when I began this book.  In the next few years our
>> ideas about publishing could change drastically, and I think for the
>> better.
>> James Simmons
>> On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 11:12 AM, Rebecca Hargrave Malamud
>> <webchick at invisible.net> wrote:
>>> Hi, James -
>>> I will give this a close read today - it looks like a great start. I know
>>> it
>>> will be really fun structuring a summer program around this ...
>>> I plan to have the RDC mentees create their own books - but it might be
>>> interesting to create some physical books of the manual itself during the
>>> program using our facilities and bookbinding equipment. I often use the
>>> physical manifestations of books to raise awareness for my program (I
>>> generally ask for a donation at cost - it is more a publicity vehicle
>>> than
>>> anything else).
>>> I do know we are missing some relevant PDF applications. We should
>>> definitely add Scribus here:
>>> http://en.flossmanuals.net/ReadingandSugar/MakingPDFs
>>> (I can add it after I give the whole manual a read)
>>> Rebecca Malamud
>>> --------------------------------------
>>> http://ruraldesigncollective.org
>>> James Simmons wrote:
>>>> I've begun writing chapters on making your own e-books and I'd like
>>>> some feedback.  I don't consider these chapters to be finished.  I've
>>>> made a decent attempt at creating a first e-book (from scanning page
>>>> images from The Big Aviation Book For Boys) and I'm working on a
>>>> second book (an lavishly illustrated adaption of The Arabian Nights
>>>> for young readers) where I hope to avoid the mistakes I made on the
>>>> first one.  I'm in the position of writing a manual on a subject I'm
>>>> still learning, which is kind of like how the last book I did ended
>>>> up.
>>>> The URL is:
>>>> http://en.flossmanuals.net/ReadingandSugar/Introduction
>>>> When I have these chapters finished I'll start work on publishing and
>>>> distributing ebooks, which will cover such things as making
>>>> contributions to Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive as well as
>>>> Sayamindu's Book Server project, plus other alternatives as I think of
>>>> them.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> James Simmons

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