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Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Mar 19 05:36:50 EDT 2010

Looks nice :)

- Bert -

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> From: Andre Lessa <andre at lessaworld.com>
> Date: 19. März 2010 05:28:54 MEZ
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> Subject: [Edu-sig] "Computer Science For Kids" Book Announcement
> Hey Python Community,
> I just self published this brand new book and I'm making its PDF
> available for (free) download on my web site.
> My goal is to explain some very basic fundamentals of computer science
> to kids who are starting to learn about computers at school and/or at
> home. For the tiny hints of programming, I referenced Python. If you
> (or a kid you know) ends up having access to this book, please send
> your feedback (suggestions/corrections) directly to me so I can start
> thinking about the next edition and how I can make it even cooler for
> kids.
> Thanks!
> Andre Lessa
> You can download the entire book here (no registration required).
> "Computer Science For Kids"
> http://www.LessaWorld.com/kids/
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