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Frederick Grose fgrose at sugarlabs.org
Fri Mar 12 12:50:42 EST 2010

> (Dropping systems@ and adding marketing@, as this is more of a design
> discussion.)
> Thank you Josh for your contributions to Sugar Labs!
> I must admit that I would prefer to see a bit more of the Sugar style
> elements maintained or added to the Sugar Labs wiki skin.
> The proposed skin at http://wiki-devel.sugarlabs.org/ has lost many of the
> style elements found in our product, Sugar, as expressed in The Sugar
> Interface/Controls<http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Human_Interface_Guidelines/The_Sugar_Interface/Controls>.
> In particular, the bold strokes of the Sugar icons on the tabs, the dark
> background of the Sugar toolbar with gray-scale icons, and colors holding special
> meaning<http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Human_Interface_Guidelines/The_Sugar_Interface#Imbuing_Color_with_Meaning>
> .
> I like that the proposed skin includes the single-line logo (hoping also
> that it can be placed so that it also works with the very common monobook
> skin and others).
> Among our sister sites, my favorites for header and navigation linkbars
> are http://translate.sugarlabs.org/ and http://git.sugarlabs.org/ (primarily
> because they both seem to use bold underline strokes on the event of mouse
> pointer hover, and their dark backgrounds remind me of the Sugar toolbar).
>  I'd prefer that the bright colors of links carry 'special meaning' by being
> revealed on hover, indicating the appropriate time for user participation,
> that is a click of a mouse button. The current header navigation links at
> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/ and most of the current tab links have this
> behavior, but need the bolder strokes and underscores of the translate and
> git headers.  Having the  descender on the 'g' hang over the bottom of the
> header area at the translate does add a bit of spice, even if it flirts with
> the Marketing Team's Logo guidelines<http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Marketing_Team/Logo>
> .
> In the content areas, to keep a clean, uncluttered, and easy-to-read page
> (especially because of descenders on the typeface), I prefer to have the
> underscores appear on links only when they are activated by mouse hover.  In
> the proposed skin, compare, for example, the greater ease of reading those
> links on the sidebar versus the links in the table of contents box.
> Thank you for considering the thoughts and preferences I've presented
> above.
>            --Fred

For those interested in follow-up details, you may use this wiki page for
sharing and collaboration,

(Josh has a new version of the skin to review at

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